The Area


Hótel við Langá, 311 Borgarnes  
S: 437 1826

The Area

sjvarThe area is the scene of the Saga of the famous Viking Egil Skalla-Grimsson which takes place as early in the 10th century. Egil rose to fame when he, heavily drunk, composed immortal poems at the age of 3. Later, he made his entree in ancient ice hockey by killing his opponent with an axe

Ensku Húsin, The Old English Fishing Lodge at the river Langá, is 6 km to the West of the small town of Borgarnes, about one hour drive from Reykjavík. The river area's beautiful surroundings are well suited for outdoor dwelling, in the summer as well as wintertime.

Sjávarfoss, the “sea waterfall” is just by the house and draws the line where the river’s freshwater and the salty waters of the ocean meet. There is only about a 5 minute walk up to Skuggafoss, “the waterfall of shadows”, a little further up in the river and 15 minute walk to Kattafossgljúfur. Even further up along the river is the waterfall Sveðja and there after Grenjadalur, a vallay with its beautiful land space and a view of Borgarfjörður and the Mýrar.

Sights in the vicinity of Ensku Húsin and worth paying a visit are for example Reykholt, where one can find amongst other things, Snorrastofa, a research centre for medieval studies and the history of Borgarfjörður. Húsafell is a place with an interesting history and Deildartunguhver, the largest thermal spring in Iceland. Surtshellir (Surt’s Cave) is one of the deepest caves in Iceland and is situated only about 14 km from Húsafell.

The waterfalls Hraunfossar and Barnafoss are beautiful and unusual natural phenomena. A large number of travellers make a specific point of visiting these natural treasures. The Hraunfossar Falls are clear, cold springs that well up through the lava and run in falls and rapids into the Hvítá River. Barnafoss has been evolving through recorded history, as the river has dug itself down through the lava and runs in a deep and narrow ravine.